Math in the Hen House

| 10/31/2012 4:21:37 PM

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I stood in a bookstore, staring in disbelief when I read a magazine cover that said, "Homeschooling is Hot on the Homestead." Grabbing a copy I hunted down my husband and complained, “Someone else wrote my story.”

But they didn’t truly get the whole story. Yes, it seems that a large number of young families are choosing the homesteading and homeschooling lifestyles. But my story isn’t about how to homeschool. And it’s not how to homestead. It’s how to do them both—successfully.

Time after time a family will spend their summer moving to “the land,” starting gardens, buying animals, settling in. Then when the school year begins, they attempt to keep up with their classical curriculum, music lessons, sports practices, debate team, science fair, and get all the chores done, too. Often, they give up overwhelmed, and either put the kids in school or move back to the pavement.

That’s why I started Lessons from the Homestead. It’s a place to come for encouragement, ideas, and basic down-to-earth advice from someone who knows.

Why do we believe that math must be done one workbook page at a time, at the kitchen table? Anyone who’s ever kept chickens can tell you all the math that can be found in the hen house.

If I have 6 chickens that each lay 1 egg per day, how many days would it take me to get 1 dozen? 2 dozen?

Cindy Meredith
11/2/2012 12:05:02 PM

Such common sense is so rare. I've always thought children learn better when learning involves subjects they're interested in and living in on a homestead gives ample room for education.

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