Maple Field Milk - The Start of a New Venture

| 1/3/2012 2:49:49 PM

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Nick Snelgar writes about his ongoing experiences starting a small dairy, Maple Field Milk, in Great Britain. Follow along with his story about Maple Field Milk.  

Milking CowFor the first time since 1980 you will be able to buy fresh milk and cream from a small holding in Martin, Hampshire.  

In 1980, Higher Farm gave up the ghost and the last cream dribbled out of the ancient hand-driven separator. The rattle of buckets and the tireless milking routine ceased and the last farm in the Parish stopped producing milk.                                  

But now we are back. At least, I am back – Nick Snelgar – herdsman. I have founded a new milk business called Maple Field Milk with the express object of milking a small herd of cows and providing ‘doorstep’ milk for those who want it. 

I am very fortunate that the Prince’s Countryside Fund has found my idea to be sound and they have offered to pay for the dairy processing room and all the equipment. This means that very quickly, I shall have fresh milk for sale that is pasteurized, bottled, labelled and ready to go. 

I have the first two Jersey cows (Cara and Thia) in the field with calves-at-foot and both are undergoing solemn, wrist-aching hand-milking from the not too talented herdsman – me. 

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