Learning About Raising Chicks from a Mama Hen

| 7/21/2016 11:26:00 AM

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We’ve always hatched our own eggs on our homestead. It has been an exciting adventure for us to watch, especially for my son, these past few years. We’ve also hatched out ducklings and chicks with a broody duck. It was a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, we never really got to see them grow up, however, because they were sold quickly after hatching.

But almost 2 weeks ago, one of our beautiful Delaware mama hens hatched out two of the most adorable chicks you’ve ever seen. She had gone broody quite some time ago, and I sat her on five of our own eggs. Unfortunately, I failed as a homesteader and didn’t realize her nest was to shallow. Therefore, since she was nesting in a nesting box, the eggs were eventually crushed from sitting on the hard bottom without enough straw.

Lesson learned.

I quickly added two new eggs under her after we spruced the nest up. In the meantime, I started up the incubator with chicken eggs that were gifted to us from a fellow homesteader, and some of our own quail eggs, just in case she gave up from being on the nest so long.

She didn’t give up. In fact, she was a pro! Just like clockwork, her babies hatched right on time.

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