Making Yogurt: A Great First Project for Homesteaders

| 8/1/2013 10:34:00 AM

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pouring milk for yogurtMaking your own yogurt is much easier than you might think, easier than many of the projects I have written about before, and certainly easier than driving to the store to buy some.

I have heard this from others, but I’d never made yogurt before, so I decided to try something new and make our next batch.

This is how I found myself pouring milk into a pot a few afternoons ago.

I turned on the heat, and went to the pantry to wrangle out the powdered milk, which did not come quietly. When the milk began to steam, I opened the powdered milk and was struck by its smell: like it had been in the pantry for years. I knew from yogurt my mother had made that the finished product would not smell or taste old, and in fact powdered milk thickens yogurt, but as I sprinkled a few tablespoonfuls into the pot, I decided that I didn’t like powdered milk.

Turning the heat down, I went to the refrigerator and pulled out a cup of store-bought plain yogurt. (Ready-made yogurt is necessary when making yogurt because of its probiotics. Homemade yogurt may be reused as starter, but generally becomes too weak to use by its fourth reuse.)

I slid my pot off the heat, thinned the yogurt with a splash of milk to ensure that it would combine smoothly with the rest of my brew, blended it into the milk in the pot, and stirred while it cooled. After about six minutes, I decided it was cool enough and poured it into the jars in the yogurt maker.

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This sounds delicious!  The 2:30 AM doesn't sound so good...

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