Home Business Entrepreneurs: Making Wood Signs, Cleaning Houses and Raising Rabbits

The Bootstrap Businesses column showcases home business entrepreneurs: This issue covers making wood signs, cleaning houses and raising rabbits.

| May/June 1978

Home business entrepreneurs enter into new businesses, including making wood signs, cleaning houses and raising rabbits.

If you now operate, or have ever operated, a successful home business that was inspired by an article you read in MOTHER, tell us about it in around 500 words (write to THE MOTHER EARTH NEWS Hendersonville, North Carolina): Be sure to mention when and where you started your venture and with how much "seed money"; what you make (net), and anything else that might be of assistance to other entrepreneurs. If your story is used in this column, you'll receive [1] the satisfaction of knowing that you may help someone else start a business and [2] a free two-year new or renewal subscription to THE MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

We'd have written in sooner, MOTHER, but ever since we first read the two-part article ("Dimensional Wood Signs . . . How to Make 'Em and Sell 'Em") in Issue Nos. 36 and 37 about making $10,000 a year with a wood sign business . . . we've been too darn busy making signs to stop and write!

Back around January of last year my husband and I began thinking seriously about starting our own home business making wood signs. I'd become disillusioned with my dead-end outdoor advertising position (too much work for too little pay) . . . and I was ready to quit my job, escape from mediocrity, and drop into something more challenging.

I thought back to our college days when the two of us operated an art-and-design service. We painted murals and super-graphics, drew ads, lettered posters, even silk-screened T-shirts! It all helped supplement our tuition costs each quarter. That work was certainly appealing, and the experience was useful . . . but I didn't think it would be substantial enough financially to provide us with a solid means of income.

That's when we came across MOTHER's wood sign business article! Now this really seemed like an exciting home enterprise for us to attempt. And we already had contacts — local architects, contractors, business owners — who could help! So, after talking to some of these people (and getting a couple of large orders), we decided there was a definite trend — and market — for wood signs in our area. As a result, I quit my job and my husband remained at his architectural office on a freelance-only basis.

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