MaKing Farming ‘Cool’ with Joe King

By Staff

MaKing Farming “Cool” with Joe King

Bryan Welch, publisher of MOTHER EARTH NEWS, visits with Joe King, star of TV show, “Farm Kings,” who lives with his family on Freedom Farms in Butler, Pennsylvania, where they have a market, a bakery shop, and a café that allows them to take their products straight to the consumer.

By Bryan Welch

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Joe and Freedom Farms are giving a new illustration to many farmers on how to be direct to the consumer through online sales along with on-site stores and how to be “jacks of all trades,” including mass marketing strategies in their trade secrets.

The show “Farm Kings” brings real knowledge about farming and strives to make it “cool” again in order to bring younger generations into the idea that having a skill set and being self-employed is a positive future. Joe believes that the mindset and ideals on the reality series will spread like wildfire, inspiring consumers to take pride in where their food came from when they put it on the table.

All in all, “Total success for us is being able to create something sustainable that can be carried on to the next generation,” he says.


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