Mahindra USA Launches New Web Site

| 10/18/2011 12:17:55 PM

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Mahindra USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra LTD., the number one selling tractor in the world, has given its website,, a new, user-friendly facelift. The dramatically redesigned site, created by Houston-based Tangelo Ideas, embodies the farm equipment leader’s forward-thinking vision and commitment to the growing and evolving needs of its customers. The new standards-compliant HTML5, CSS, and Javascript site offers:

  • A strategically driven sleek and simple new look, with extraneous information stripped from the home page
  • Easy navigation that delivers customers directly to the most important information, the tractor models and offers
  • Simple, accessible information that demonstrates the value within the product offerings through competitive comparisons, videos, etc.
  • Large, clear product photography and simple design attributes
  • User-friendly browser experience, often taking a customer to his or her to relevant information in one click, instead of two or three
  • Rich imagery and helpful content for first-time tractor buyers
  • Mobile-friendly compatibility to allow users access via any tablet or smartphone device

“Mahindra USA earned our 98 percent loyalty rating by listening to our customers and responding to their changing needs as the market has evolved,” said Cleo Franklin, Mahindra USA Vice President – Marketing and Strategic Planning. “Our customers and prospective tractor owners also expressed a desire for a web site that delivers quick, simple content and rich photos of Mahindra products, while defining Mahindra’s competitive advantages over the competition. And with this new site, we delivered.”

The new site will be a fully interactive experience for the user that will allow customers to do everything short of visiting a dealer and test-driving a tractor. These new features will include:

  • A “Tractorpedia” section that provides relevant content for the first-time tractor buyer as well as experienced users
  • A “Needs Analyzer,” an interactive feature designed to recommend the perfect tractor and attachments to fit the needs of apotential buyer through a series of questions about projects, type of land, budget, and more
  • A “Build Your Own Tractor” feature that allows a user to completely customize his or her tractor with attachments, implements, and accessories and submit the package to a local dealer for a quote
  • Complete social media integration that will allow users and owners complete access to the “My Mahindra” community

Mahindra USA, Inc. enjoys an extraordinarily high level of customer satisfaction due to an unequalled commitment to quality.  A recent study found that 98% of Mahindra owners were likely to recommend Mahindra to their friends and family.

Tractor owners are not the only people touting the quality of Mahindra products. In 2007, M&M’s Farm Equipment Sector became the only tractor manufacturing company in the world to receive the coveted Japan Quality Medal for excellence in Total Quality Management, awarded by the Deming Prize Committee care of the Union of Japanese Scientists.

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