Looking Back at Our Move to the Country

| 8/10/2011 9:28:16 AM

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Michelle's Note: The following is an article that Cam wrote for a local newspaper about 13 years ago as we were preparing for our move to Sunflower Farm. The comments that Cam made are as appropriate today as they were back then. I thought you might enjoy reading about Cam's reasons for wanting to leave the city....

Pursuing a Labour of Love

I’ve grown weary of the city so I’m moving to the country. This is not a revelation and people have been doing it for eons, but I must wonder if their reasons are consistent with mine.

I’ve grown tired of people obsessed with huge vehicles whose size increases outrageously as their abysmal fuel economy decreases. These same people risk my safety and the safety of others by running red lights because of the stress created by the work required to purchase such beasts. This culture measures a person’s success by the level of their consumption and going to a mall is the most popular pastime.

So our family has taken our two-bedroom bungalow on a small lot in the city and turned it into 150 acres in Eastern Ontario with a century-old farmhouse, a guesthouse and a horse barn. Our new home has no hydro lines to it, but it has lights and other conveniences powered by its solar panels. It has a wind generator to complement the solar power in months like November when there’s a lot of wind and less sunlight. So we’ll never have another Hydro bill and we’ll no longer contribute to the gases that are heating up our atmosphere created by power plants burning fossil fuels.

8/11/2011 1:36:22 AM

I have worked so hard for so many years and still am struggling with being able to purchase land/home. This is the biggest issue for me. Most MEN stories really gloss over the getting land piece as if it were affordable. Maybe many of these people inherited enough money or had a family farm to go to. If only there were a little insight in how to get over that hump for those of us who hardly get by working 40hrs+ a week. As soon as I have somewhere to go, I'll be going.

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