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| 9/6/2013 10:31:00 AM

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British cottagesNow there is a lot to say and even more to do. We are bang in the thick of it.  We have finished our first week as fresh milk processors . We have grown our ‘Ring of Five’ shops into a ring of 7.  We have nosed-to-tailed-it with A5 leaflets . We have visited our local vets ;  the AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) offices to fill them in on our area of outstanding  natural milk . We have really got amongst the people. We’ve been to Bird and Carter in their  totally wonderful deli on the A36; to The Borough Café in my favourite Downton, Wilts; The Phoenix Stores on the southern rim of Salisbury.   

Now the people of Martin Parish have access to ALL food products that are produced and farmed in Britain ... save for fish and wine but there is apple juice.  Martin has got its Dairy back.

We are able to process the milk from other herdsmen.  As you may remember – that was an important aspect of Maple Field Milk C.I.C .We want to enable existing dairy farmers and new entrants into dairy farming  to sell their fresh milk absolutely direct to the human customer (often referred to as the ‘end user’ which I’m not sure I like the sound of ). Community farms like Futurefarms – Martin Ltd can now have their own dairy if they wish. Sutton Community farm in London will be our very next target to see if it would be possible to install such a system for them. The Riverbourne Community Farm, Salisbury (www.riverbournecommunity farm.org)  can, as soon as they buy their dairy cows,  get us to process their milk for sale in their groovy farm shop. All the children taught by them will have milk straight from the cow via  Maple Field Milk,  Martin – 8 miles from their farm. 

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