Living Off Grid - Operating Our Solar Power System - Part 1

| 8/1/2012 7:25:23 PM

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Part 1 – System Overview 

As most of you know, we get all of our electrical power from our solar power system. In the blog Our Solar Power I describe a system that is completely “hands off’ automatic if you want to use it that way. I choose not to.

I’ve never had any experience with solar energy before now. When the system was installed I received a pile of literature, user manuals, and an hour of instruction. For me the instructions when right in one ear and out the other. It takes me a while to absorb information that is so unfamiliar.

As you gradually get used to working with solar power you become more familiar with how each component works. The components for us are broken down into the following categories: solar panels, battery charger, inverter, batteries and Trimetric monitor.

8 panelsThere isn’t much to do with the panels. Keep them clean and free of snow in the winter. Adjust the tilt twice a year for maximum exposure to the sun. The sun is high in the sky in the summer and low towards the horizon in the winter. The sun stirs up the little electrons in the panels which creates electricity which is then sent to the charger.

The charger receives electricity from the panels and maximizes that power in terms of efficiency to charge the batteries. Once it is set up it is virtually hands free.

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