Living Off Grid - End Of A Season

| 10/17/2012 9:24:15 AM

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The garden is done except carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower. It’s time to rototill.

Our Mountain Salmon are spawning now but the smaller ones they planted in the spring are really nice size to eat.

It hasn’t rained here for three months. Nothing but dust. Rain is in the forecast next week. We are going to have to celebrate when it does.

Waterline RepairAnother water leak. We have over 1325’ of waterline and this time we don’t know where it is.
When we bought this place we inherited the existing well and pump. The pump was undersized. Because of that it hasn’t ever worked the way it should. It is drawing 44 Amps of solar power. The new one we are putting in will only draw 15 Amps and get the job done three times faster!

The hunters will be moving in this weekend for a week. Probably should paint the horses bright orange.

Almost done with the equipment maintenance. Checked the tire inflation pressure and changed oil and lubed all of the grease fittings. Getting ready for winter use.

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