Living Off Grid - An Average Winter Day

| 12/13/2012 11:14:42 AM

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First Snow 2012Our winter lifestyle here is different from where we came from so we thought we should share what a typical day is like. When I say winter, I really mean sometime in October to sometime in April — that’s how long we have snow.

We typically have snow here that averages about 3 feet deep once it builds up to that. We don’t usually get more than a few inches at a time. It settles and then snows a little more but it stays around 3 feet deep.

Like summer time, Laurie and I work from 7AM to 5PM seven days a week.

Animals: Laurie does most of the animal work. She takes care of the dog, cats, chickens, and horses. The horses graze on our acreage in the summer but need hay in the winter. We have some beautiful and affordable river bottom hay from a friend of ours. Plus the water needs to have the ice broken twice a day so they can drink.

Laurie goes the extra mile for the chickens. You won’t believe what I’ve seen going out the door to feed them in their nice warm chicken coop. They get hot meals. I kid you not. Our chickens get rice dishes, heated leftovers, and the occasional hot cereal. Me,  I just throw the door open and they can come out and eat mash or not on the frozen ground I have shoveled clean for them. Laurie takes care of them all twice a day no matter what the weather.

I get up in the morning and get the coffee and tea going. It’s also my job to fire up the masonry heater. We burn it twice a day, so bringing wood in from the woodshed is also one of the things I do daily.

Plowing Our Road We both work on the computer an average of four hours per day. Laurie handles most of the packaging and shipping, invoicing, book keeping, and deals with a few of our vendors. I get the rest of the vendors and handle all of the website operation which includes uploading and updating all of the products. I also do the product blogs on the website and blogging for MOTHER EARTH NEWS and therefore Off Grid Works as well. I handle all of the maintenance, advertising and SEO for the websites. We go to the Post Office/UPS shipping place three times a week. In the winter that can be a real challenge on our road.

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