Livestock Auction Etiquette

| 1/14/2009 3:46:13 PM

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There are all types of auctions, including farm auctions and real estate auctions, but livestock auctions are a different breed of animal, pardon the pun. Auctioneers still try to get the best prices for sellers. And your adrenalin can start running quickly in the environment created by auctioneer's cadence and the ringmen's "Yep!"

If you're not sure how to handle yourself at a livestock auction, take a couple minutes to read How Not to Act in the Sale Barn. The article includes lots of great tips and a good overview of the process.

One additional thing to consider: Critters can pick up diseases in sale barns, so be careful to buy only healthy animals and minimize stress for them.

Raymond James
1/17/2009 10:44:59 AM

When I started raising beef cattle for the home freezer market I visited the sale barns and found out who raised the best looking cattle. Rather than buy at the auction I offered to purchase directly from the farm at the average price payed at the auction. Now I go look at the cattle a couple of days before the sale. Select the 5 or 6 I want and have them delivered to my place. The farmer takes the rest of his calf crop to the auction to sell. The farmer gets to keep all of the money, no commission, and I get a healther calf. No runny noses from the sale barn. This has worked very well for me.

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