A Brief Survey of Live Aboard Vehicles

This survey shares information about live aboard vehicles, includes types of vehicles, sizes and costs of campers, travel trailers and mobile homes.

| March/April 1971

Everything you need to know about live aboard vehicles, including the various types, sizes and costs.

Survey of Live Aboard Vehicles

Vehicles suitable for long-term residence can be classified by construction into three basic types and six subtypes:

Integral vehicles, where living accommodations and carrier are a unit. These include: "motorhomes" built from the ground up. Dealer-modified forward control van trucks. Old delivery trucks outfitted by backyard mechanics.

Campers, including: Slide-in campers which fit on the bed of a pickup truck. Chassis-mount campers which bolt to an open-frame truck.

Travel trailers which are towed by other vehicles.

Not included in this survey nor recommended to the potential nomad are "mobile homes" — house trailers so large as to require special tow trucks and State permits. Another drawback of mobile homes is their lack of self-containment. They must be parked in trailer courts where water, sewerage and electric connections are available.

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