Life on Desert Canyon Farm

| 8/29/2012 4:07:08 PM

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I am Tammi Hartung, an herbalist and organic grower of more than 31 years. My husband, Chris, and I own Desert Canyon Farm, a certified organic farm in southern Colorado since 1996.

We do a lot of things on our farm, but the primary way we earn a livelihood is selling wholesale potted herbs and heritage food plants to garden centers throughout Colorado and northern New Mexico. We grow more than 500 different varieties of potted plants! In addition, we field grow perennial flower seed for Jelitto Perennial Seed Company.

Chris and I farm more because of a chosen lifestyle than anything else. Organic farming is very important to us. Surviving as a viable small family farm is hard work. We recognized when we first started this farm that this was not going to be about making a lot of money, because we do not and never expect to, however, we make enough to pay our bills and stay out of debt. It is not about providing us a way to retire, because the possibility of that is very slim...we expect we will need to work until we die. So, why is it that we do this very important, very hard work of farming? It is that lifestyle thing again.

Simple pleasures in our life is our main objective and earning right livelihood. We farm organically because we are good at it and enjoy it. We love this part of the country and small town life suits us. We like working for ourselves, knowing that if we mess up, we have only ourselves to blame, and only ourselves to fix it. It works. We are reasonably content. Farming is very challenging, especially with this terrible drought we are having. I think we work as hard as any two people on the planet, but our hard work is laced with laughter. Life is pretty good.

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I grow much of our food here and that brings me such amazing pleasure and so much abundance. This is half our garlic crop curing. How people can cook without garlic is beyond me! I plant a lot of garlic. We use it for cooking and also medicinally for its antimicrobial benefits.

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