More Facts About the Lawn-Care Business

Learn more about this part-time lawn-care business that helps you make a profit while enjoying the great outdoors.

| November/December 1977

Earn extra money with your own home lawn-care business.

Earn extra money with your own home lawn-care business.

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A MOTHER reader shares more tips on running a lawn-care business.

Rules for the Lawn-Care Business

Naturally, after four years at the game, I found your article "You Can Earn Extra Cash With a Lawn-Mowing Business" in MOTHER NO. 46 (page 81) very interesting. I originally started out (September 1973) doing odd jobs . . . in fact, that's still my official business title. I did anything that would bring in the money and gradually — discovered how nice it was to make that money mowing lawns: You work outside, meet some fine people, and perform a needed service.

So I enrolled in a landscaping course and began investing in some good equipment. My inventory is now $4,000 (I plan to stop at this point so I don't get too big to control customer relations on a one-to-one basis) and my service has broadened to include every facet of landscaping from consultation (very lucrative in the spring) to design (lots of fun if you can find enough to keep busy) to installations (more fun) to maintenance (the bread and butter of the operation). My first month in business I grossed $153. Last year I reported $19,192.80 which has made me justly proud (and not a little weary).

During the course of this growth and learning, I've assembled some ground rules for myself that I'd like to pass on to others.

[1] Know the capabilities of your machines, your worker(s), and — most important — yourself.

[2] Get acquainted with others in your area who are doing the same thing so you'll know the prevailing market price for land scape/gardening work on an hourly basis ($12 per man per hour in the Boston area). You'll also be better able to give job quotes to customers who are leery of hourly charges.

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