Ladder Leveler, Warm Bubble Bath, and Other Country Lore

This installment of an ongoing country lore feature includes tips from a Minnesota man on making a ladder leveler and a California woman on maintaining a warm bubble bath.

| November/December 1979

The following housekeeping tips and other bits of country lore were submitted by readers.   

Ladder Leveler

There's nothing harder than trying to set up a ladder where the ground isn't level. You either end up with a precariously leaning support or—if you jam some boards under the low-side leg—an unsafe ladder that's likely to slip right out from under you  and leave you "hanging by your paintbrush".

Robert Redig of Winona, Minnesota has a very simple and really effective-solution to this problem: Fasten a 2 X 4 onto one side of the ladder with a couple of good, sturdy C-clamps. Such a wooden "crutch" is easily adjustable so you can level that "portable staircase" whether it's standing on bumpy ground, a sloping roof, or even the front steps!

Warm Bubble Bath

We'll let Antioch, California's Kay Roads tell you about her "all-wet" idea herself: "I firmly believe that warm water has deeply therapeutic qualities ... in other words, I love to soak in a bathtub. During the winter, though, the soothing liquid needs to be heated up every 15 minutes or so. Such continual `recharging' can get downright inconvenient (and costly) so I `dipped' into my childhood past and came up with the perfect tub-lover's energy saver: bubble bath.

"Yessir, the billions of floating orbs make such an effective bath insulator that I can sit back—with a few current issues of MOTHER EARTH NEWS—and soak my bones for a leisurely hour and a half without ever adding more hot water!

"Besides all that," confesses our California tubber, "bathing with bubbles is fun!"

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