Country Lore: Kill Flies With a Joy-full Trap

A shallow white container filled with soapy water will attract, drown, and kill flies.

| June/July 2009

kill flies

You might prefer to throw them, but a white Frisbee will kill flies if you turn it over and fill it with water and a little Joy dish soap.


I have found the most amazing way to kill flies: Get a white container (I used a white Frisbee), fill it to the brim with water and add a few squirts of Joy lemon dish soap. (I have found that other brands work, but not as well.) Add the soap until the water starts to have a tinge of yellow color. Set the container where the flies are, and check it the next day. Mine was full of dead flies the next morning, so I emptied and refilled it.

I have killed thousands of flies this year. I don’t know where they all come from, but this is the end of the line for them.

Janice Powers
Wichita, KS 

7/29/2009 10:40:19 AM

The fly trap doesn't seem to be working. I could not find a white Frisbee so I used a white small bowl. I used lemon joy and filled enough to make the water yellow. I also used in the garage/work shop which has loads of flies thanks to the chickens but still no luck. Please offer any suggestions. Thanks

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