Kidding Blues

| 6/22/2015 10:09:00 AM

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“Heidi is straining, but she’s not having her kid,” I said. I was looking at the blonde Lamancha with some reservations. She had her first kid this season on the ground now, a very blonde doeling, and I knew she had at least one more kid inside her. But something was wrong.

A Kidding Headache

Every year I go through playing goat wet nurse because I seem to have one or two goats who have difficulties. This year, it appeared to be Heidi’s turn in the bucket. So, I had my husband hold Heidi while I once again stuck my hand into the birth canal to feel what was going on inside there. With each year, I learn more things and I also build on the knowledge. Heidi was contracting hard on my arm, which hurt like the dickens, but I knew I had to find the kid. I found one leg.

It felt like a rear foot. So, the kid was backwards. No biggie, except I needed to find the other foot. And that’s when I ran into the grapefruit.

It’s Not Supposed to Be Like That

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