Keeping Pets Safe When Living Remotely

| 2/3/2016 10:31:00 AM

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Anyone contemplating moving to a remote area where you can establish your homestead and has a furry family member needs to consider some factors. If the location you choose is similar to where we live, there are wild animals and birds of prey that could pose a threat to your beloved family member. Large dogs are not immune to the dangers of remote living and smaller pets actually face more dangers.

There are so many topics to take into consideration when changing lifestyles that it may be easy to overlook your furry family member or make wrong assumptions. This post is being presented to invoke some thought along these lines. We do not have any cats, mainly due to allergies, but cats face as many threats as canines do when it comes to animals or birds that would look upon them as a food source. This post will be mostly focused on canines because that is where this writer has some experience.

Predators that Pose a Threat

We have coyotes, wolves, bobcat, mountain lions, lynx and bears that will see domestic family members as a source for food. We also have eagles, owls and hawks that will swoop down and carry off a small dog.

These are not occasional threats, and even if your dog can hold its own with other domestic dogs, it will be no match for the predators that it will face when living remotely. It only takes one encounter to regret not taking more precautions and exercising more control over your beloved pet.

Predators are very accustomed to hunting large prey, wherein domestic pets are more accustomed to hunting chipmunks, rabbits or squirrels. Deer present a separate threat to dogs and will be covered later.

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