Keeping Chickens Warm the Off-Grid Way

| 1/17/2017 2:23:00 PM

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On our off-grid homestead in the mountains of Idaho, we have been raising chickens for many years now. Being off-grid has afforded us a opportunity to be creative and adaptable with many of our daily matters, including how we keep our chickens warm and healthy during the winter.

Because we don’t have the benefit of limitless electricity, reaching for the conventional on-grid fixes, such as a heating lamp or a electric water dish heater, just isn't a option. Thus, we have adapted how we keep the flock warm and healthy by first looking at free resources already available around the homestead. We also love using things that are natural, organic and biodegradable!

After implementing and refining our off-grid tricks over many winters, we can't believe how easy and simple they are, so we had to share them with our readers. The awesome thing is these tips can be used for your flock right away. In addition, it will help create a greener homestead with a lower carbon footprint.

Woodstove Magic: Using Rocks

We have wood heat. The wood stove for us during the winter is going 24/7. This works out great for the chickens because we keep rocks on the wood stove. The rocks heat up, retain heat (thermal mass) and are used in a couple different applications.

First, we put the rocks in the water dish. This prevents the chicken’s water from freezing. No more buying the electric water dish heaters!

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