How to Keep Your Homestead Dog Healthy

Dr. Jon Geller, D.V.M. shares information on how to keep your homestead dog healthy, including needed vaccinations, putting together a pet first aid kit and how to perform pet CPR.

| October/November 2000

Jon Geller, DVM offers his farm animal health experience. Learn how to keep your homestead dog healthy.

Keeping your adult dog healthy and spry.

I had no choice but to grab the remote control and stop the attack. Watching movies like Steven King's Cujo is just one of the twisted ways that overtaxed veterinarians like myself entertain themselves between buzzes of the pager. Why bother sleeping if you're going to be jolted back to work at any minute anyway?

I've experienced many memorable farm calls about country dogs over the years — although none involved a rabid Saint Bernard — and I have noticed that many problems can be prevented. This article, as a follow-up to last issue's article on the care of puppies, is a primer on the prevention and treatment of recurring health problems of the adult dog. Once your dog grows to about 1 to 2 years of age, there is no reason he or she cannot live a healthy, happy life. Here's how to keep your homestead dog healthy.

Dog Sickness and Injury Prevention

Fence the Yard

Farm dogs that run free get into trouble. They can get run over, shot at, cut up by neighboring fences or attacked by other dogs. Smaller pooches such as Yorkies even make desirable prey for coyotes, raptors and mountain lions.

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