Wood-Mizer Personal Best Winner: Jim Oseychuk’s Intricate Garden Shed

| 11/1/2010 12:54:39 PM

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Wood-Mizer Garden ShedWood-Mizer Personal Best contest winners have completed some amazing projects. We’ve featured Donn Saindon’s reclaimed wood cabin, Robert Craig’s affordable and rustic barn and Joe Bonn’s incredible dream home over the past month, and this week, we have yet another beautiful construction project to share. Jim Oseychuk’s hand-built garden shed isn’t only functional — it’s a work of art, too.

When Oseychuk’s wife suggested that he build a garden shed, she pictured something simple. “We were standing in our old raspberry patch,” he says, “when my wife, Lee, suggested that we rip it all out and construct a garden shed — one that could be built in a weekend.”

A weekend project wasn’t in the cards for Oseychuk, but an intricate, award-winning garden shed was. He constructed the shed from old fir logs he had been saving and employed the help of some friends and family for the heavy lifting. The most difficult part of the shed — and probably also the most unique — was its curved roof.

What was meant to be a weekend project turned into a labor of love that lasted three and a half months. The result, however, was well worth the wait.

The winners of Wood-Mizer’s personal best contest have built some impressive shelters. What has been your personal best construction project?

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Brent Edwards
3/11/2011 8:06:52 AM

I saw this shed on the cover of the May 2006 Lee Valley catalogue and was looking to build one on my property. Are plans available? Especially for the roof trusses. b

Ray Kustush
11/4/2010 1:30:05 PM

I agree, it is a very beautiful shed. I disagree on it being a wood miserly building, not only labor-wise, but the construction seems like expensive overkill to me. Custom and beauty are rarely cost effective and/or miserly. Still, I would love to have this one on my property. Ray Kustush Carpenter, RK Construction and Remodeling

Ken Lewis
11/3/2010 5:43:15 PM

Why did they want to tear out the raspberries path? I'm thinking about putting one in. Very beautiful shed...I see why he won ! Thanks Ken

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