Spotlight on Earth Stewardship with Jamie and Colleen Smith

| 6/10/2013 3:58:00 PM

Tags: Earth stewardship, environmenal issues, Crystal Stevens,

Jamie SmithAs long time friends, Jamie and Colleen have been ever-inspiring individuals and their community throughout the years.  The first time I saw a giant heirloom tomato growing on a vivid green vine was in the backyard of Colleen’s parent’s house, where her dad transformed the backyard into a garden oasis.  I remember the nostalgic smell of tomato plants and mulch as Colleen and I made hemp jewelry together on her picnic table.  Colleen is a horticulturist, an herbalist, an artist a homeschooling mother and a goddess of all trades.  Jamie is a very talented potter and musician who has been inspired by his ancestry, The Wyandot Tribe. I feel privileged to have introduced such an amazing duo. Jamie and Colleen are a perfect example of how younger generations have followed their own paths and dreams and have kept homesteading traditions alive.

 Each “Spotlight on Stewardship” will focus on answers to the following five questions:

1) What inspired you to be a steward of the earth?

2) What major obstacles have gotten in your way?

3) To you, what are the 5 most pressing environmental issues?

4) What would be your 5 solutions to those issues?

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