It's Getting Harder to Sleep In Around Here

| 4/17/2012 9:51:22 AM

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 Guest Post By Michelle Mather

Ever since we acquired our 4 chickens last May, friends have been asking us if we planned on getting a rooster. I've read both pros and cons to having a rooster as part of a flock, but I was undecided on whether or not we should add one.

Then people began offering roosters to us. First our friend Robert, who has chickens of his own and has been an immense help in providing advice to us, offered his rooster to us. His rooster is a bit aggressive and Robert's wife isn't too fond of having to fight him off when she attempts to gather the eggs. I wasn't sure whether or not I'd be able to handle an aggressive rooster. Then one of my neighbors called one day and during our conversation she offered to sell us one of her Ameraucana roosters. Again, I was undecided.

On Sunday, my neighbor Alyce called. You will recognize her name from so many other blog posts, as she and her husband Ken have played such huge roles in our life here at Sunflower Farm. Alyce has let us enjoy her horses and cows in our paddock from time to time, and the manure from her horses has done wonders in improving our soil quality! We even dedicated our book "Little House Off the Grid," to them, to acknowledge just how grateful we are for their friendship.

Alyce had dropped off some of her Highland cattle to a farm on Saturday and the folks who bought her cows offered her a rooster. He had been one of three roosters, but the other two had been picking on him and so they'd had to separate him and he was living in a cage while he recuperated from his injuries. Alyce brought him home and then called to ask me if I wanted him. She was happy to keep him, but thought he might enjoy becoming part of my flock.

I went over to take a look at him. He is gorgeous and didn't seem at all aggressive. He's not a large rooster, which was also a bonus since he was going to have to be able to fit into our existing coop with our 4 ladies. There are plans to expand our coop and add to our flock, but it hasn't happened yet and so it's a good thing he's small enough to fit in with the others!

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