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| 11/14/2012 9:43:18 PM

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Back in the spring of this year, a storm ripped across this region with pounding wind and pouring rain.  The next morning we woke up to our hoop house, body slammed, and ripped to shreds.  It was quite devastating to us, we are small farmers, and as most know you don't go into farming for the money.  This hoop was affectionately titled the "Mothership", it being our first hoop, and just like a first child we fawned over it and took lots of pictures.  My partner Paul went out early in the morning to see if it had sustained any damage.  When he came in he told me there was nothing left, describing what he saw, snapped metal, splintered wood, complete loss.  Naturally I was upset, yet unprepared for the wave of emotion that came over me when I actually saw it for myself.  Coming up to it from a distance I started to cry.  I knew I was going to see it in ruins as I walked out there, but to see a mess where once a fruitful Mothership stood was too much.  After about five minutes crying, standing in the wet and cold I had to come to terms with our loss and let go, and be ok with that.  

 Mothership 1 

We later found out via our local news that an F1 tornado had hit just a mile down the road, and we're thinking that's what took the hoop down.  

 Mothership 2 

I was surprised to see that "it" whatever that was bent the couplers which held the arbors up, you can see them here flush with the ground.

 Mothership 3 

Pritam Yadav
11/16/2012 9:48:49 AM

What a large season this has been, so the point that this framework was being re-built just lead off an crazy quantity of feelings, perform, help, perform, and more help.

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