The B. Allan Mackie School: An Introduction to Log Building

B. Allan Mackie's introduction to log building, includes tips on solid timber construction, log building tools, cost and financing for home building.

| November/December 1977

Learn about this introduction to log building class and how it can help you build a home or get into the log building business.

An Introduction to Log Building Class

From Building With Logs by B. Allan Mackie, copyright Canada, 1977, by B. Allan Mackie and Ida Mary Mackie. Prince George, B.C., and reprinted with the author's permission. Available in hard cover ($17.50) or paperback ($10.00) from the author/publisher, and — in paperback only ($10.00 plus 75¢ shipping and handling) — from MOTHER's Bookshelf.

Up in Prince George, British Columbia, there's a man who believes solid timber construction to be one of the strongest, most durable, and most beautiful of all building forms . . . and that man has made the teaching of log construction skills his lifework.

According to B. Allan Mackie, log construction is one of the very few contemporary methods of building that enable an individual to exchange his or her own labor and ingenuity — rather than cash or a mortgage debt — for a home that he or she can be proud of.

"Building with logs does require hard work,"Allan admits, "but it's pleasant and healthful work . . . and not at all beyond the strength of most families."

In 1971, as a college teacher, Allan wrote and (with his wife, Mary) published a working textbook called Building With Logs. The manual received such a favorable response that it's now in its sixth printing. As a direct result of that warm reception for what he had to say, Allan resigned from his teaching position in 1974 to found the B. Allan Mackie School of Log Building — a registered trade school and a non-profit society — which he describes as a "forest workshop", 26 miles from the city of Prince George.

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