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| 10/11/2011 1:13:39 PM

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 By Cam Mather

I started selling computers in 1982. Michelle and I had just returned from our two month long honeymoon driving out west and down to California. I had no computer background at all, but I was able to read a few books and bluff my way in job interviews by discussing how superior the 8086 processor architecture was to the 8088. Microcomputers had just started to be introduced and computer knowledge wasn’t really required. It was more important to have sales experience and I had that in spades. I was offered a job after my first interview. This concerned me. So I applied to a bunch of other computer stores and got 5 job offers. This had never happened before, and now I’m virtually unemployable so things sure have changed!

I started selling Apple II computers and later IBM PCs. Apple had a computer called the “LISA” which was the predecessor to the Macintosh, but it never really took off.

I was working at a “Computerland” store (it was like a “Best Buy” but only sold computers) and I remember going to a sales meeting that Apple put on in 1983. They played the full version of the “1984” Superbowl commercial in which a young athletic woman was being chased by storm troopers and throws an anvil at the screen while “Big Brother” was yammering away to the soma-doped masses.

The message of course was that IBM and its PC represented Big Brother from George Orwell’s futuristic book “1984.”

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