How To Use a Well Bucket Video

| 6/11/2014 10:11:00 AM

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Old well

In a 1976 MOTHER EARTH NEWS article (Draw Water From Your Well Without Electricity) writer Clifford Gwinn said he was without water, electricity and money when he decided a well bucket would be a simple, temporary solution.

Gwinn asked his well driller about it and was told no one in their area of Pennsylvania used a well bucket anymore to get water since electricity was readily available. Most people do not even know how to use a well bucket, he said. In the days before the Internet, Gwinn also could not find a source for buying a bucket, also known as a bailer or torpedo bucket.

However, with his dad’s help, Gwinn produced a homemade well bucket for less than $5. According to the article, the bucket worked so efficiently that Gwinn scrapped his idea of eventually installing an electric submersible pump on his homestead.

Today, more folks everywhere are making the move to self-reliant living (180,000 off-grid Americans in 2006 according to “Off the Grid or on, Solar and Wind Power Gain,” (USA Today), with more people disconnecting every day. Their reasons for forsaking the power grid vary – from saving money and the environment to self-sufficiency and privacy.

Many of those choosing to transition to an off-grid lifestyle also do not want to rely on alternative energy systems, but prefer to operate their households independent of technology. As Gwinn discovered, a well bucket can meet the water needs of a family temporarily or until a more expensive water-pumping system can be installed.

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