How to Tie a Square Knot (Video)

Knot-tying isn't just for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts — it's a handy skill for homesteaders, too. In this video, learn how to tie a basic square knot that is both attractive and strong.

By Heidi Hunt

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You might be most familiar with using a square knot to tie an attractive knot on a neck scarf — which you may have learned if you were a Boy Scout or Girl Scout. Well, the same knot can be used to make a tied silk scarf even more attractive.

You can use a square knot effectively whenever you want to tie two ropes of the same diameters together, to wrap bundles, tie bandages, in gift wrapping and many macramé projects.

How to tie a square knot: First say this little ditty — right over left and under, left over right and under. To practice tying the knot, put a bit of masking tape around one end of the rope. That is your working end. Now put each end of the rope into your right and left hands, with the working end in your right hand. Take the right end and cross it over the left piece, and twist the end around to make an overhand knot. Then take the working end that is now on the left side and put it across the right side and around to make a second overhand knot. Pull gently. You should have a knot that has two loops that will slip on each other.