Dear MOTHER February/March 2018

Letters from our readers on how to read MOTHER EARTH NEWS overseas, fortify your homestead from unwanted guests, appreciate our canine and feline helpers, and more!

| February/March 2018

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While visiting an old friend of 50 years in Boston this past autumn, I looked long and hard for a copy of your magazine and was finally successful in a big grocery store. As a dedicated grower of organic vegetables here in the United Kingdom, I’ve been following your Facebook page for a year now. I’ve recently discovered I can read Mother Earth News online with an app!

I so loved “Pearls of Wisdom” in my paper copy of the August/September 2017 issue, and have been inspired by Pearl O’Neill’s optimistic outlook on life at the age of 101. By her reckoning I still have 25 years left of growing food to keep me healthy, wealthy, and wise!

Jan Jones
Manchester, England

The Value of Barn Cats

I really enjoyed reading the Ask Our Experts response on “How To Keep Your Barn Cats Healthy” in the October/November 2017 issue and I hope others follow the advice.

When I was a young boy growing up on a farm, we had two feral cats living in our barn. Nobody knew where they came from — they just showed up one day. One had black and gray stripes and the other was all gray. My grandfather named them Snookums and Smokey. Although they wouldn’t let us get close, they were unconcerned with us working in the barn or the noise and movements from the livestock. They were the greatest pest control. Hardly a day passed that we wouldn’t find a dead mouse or rat, or even an occasional chipmunk or squirrel on the floor.

To reward them, my grandmother kept two large mixing bowls on the barn floor, one filled with dry cat food and the other filled with water. She would refill them when needed. The barn cats were with us for many years, and then one day they were gone. Your fine article brought back fond memories of Snookums and Smokey, and of when I was a young farm boy.

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