How to Prevent Zoonotic Disease

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How to prevent Zoonotic disease.

Learn how to prevent Zoonotic disease. 

1 Maintain good vaccination programs for livestock and domestic pets. Consult with your veterinarian to establish a sensible program for your animals.

2 Aggressively deworm livestock and pets and submit fecal samples for annual testing. Puppies and kittens should be dewormed starting at three weeks of age.

3 Maintain hygiene, especially after contact with calves, piglets, puppies and kittens. Isolate any live stock with diarrhea and wear protective clothing when dealing with them. Disinfect your boots in a bath before leaving the pen area.

4 Keep infants and young children from playing in areas where animals defecate. Remember that some parasites live for years in the soil.

5 Pregnant women should always wear gloves when dealing with soil and should never handle cat litter.

6 Fence off drinking water sources to avoid contamination by livestock or wildlife.

7 Wear protective clothing when handling aborted animal fetuses or animal carcasses. Disinfect all clothing afterwards.

8 Avoid unpasteurized milk and cheese.

9 Keep all pets from contact with prairie dog colonies.

10 Immediately report any skin diseases in livestock and pets to your veterinarian.