How to Prepare for Raising Goats

| 6/23/2016 5:03:00 AM

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When you’re looking to enlarge your homestead and increase your self sufficiency, goats are a great way to go. Their care requirements are much simpler than other large livestock, and they will reward you with some delicious milk that can be made into popular cheeses.

It’s not hard to add goats to the farm as long as you take a few basics into account. Compared to adding a cow or a draft horse, goats are easy keepers. They do need more attention than “gateway” animals like chickens, though.


Goat Shelter Considerations

Like any livestock animal, goats should have a secure area that they can stay in at night or seek refuge from bad weather. If predators are at all a problem in your area, your goats need a nightly shelter that can be locked up so they are safe from potential attacks.

This room or stall should be left open during the days so they can use it to get out of the elements, or an alternative shelter should be set up in their field. For indoor shelter, goats require a minimum of 10 square feet per goat.

Pasture and Fencing for Goats

6/29/2016 8:19:16 AM

This may seem obvious to people used to livestock but after working as a livestock supervisor at a 19th century farm re-creation for the last 15 years I can tell you many suburban people do not realize that goats (and cows etc) give milk only after giving birth. So I would like to add that to get milk and cheese you will need an unaltered male (Smelly!!!) or you must artificially inseminate the doe. Another factor with goats is that they generally need their hooves trimmed on a regular basis so it is important to get goats used to being handled or very young goats and handle them a lot as they grow up.

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