Tips for Beginner Chick Care (and the Best Chicken Breed for Backyards)

| 6/15/2018 7:34:00 AM

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Boy With Pick Up Chicks Shirt 

The shirt read: How to pick up chicks, with a cartoon stick figure bent down to pick up a baby chick and hold it. Now, once my son, Fletcher, and I stopped laughing, I snapped a picture of the T-shirt to post on my Facebook page.

The family and I were at our local farm-supply store to pick up a few new poultry feeders and waterers for our new baby chicks. And, of course, that meant we just had to take a look at the troughs of chicks and ducklings the store usually has during the spring.

Those cute, little, peepin' fuzz balls scurried in the red glow of the heat lamp, causing all kinds of havoc among their sisters. It's always fun to watch, no matter how many chicks we've raised over the years. (So many, in fact, that I've since lost count.)

Choosing the Right Breed

Fast-forward a few weeks to the preschool pick-up line, when a mom friend stopped to tell me that she had bought a few chicks from the farm-supply store. (I have since realized that I have a reputation for poultry advocacy among the preschool moms and teachers.) She was very excited to tell me all about her experience buying and caring for the chicks, and I couldn't be happier that my passion for poultry was spreading among the pick-up line.

"So, what breed did you get?" I asked my friend.

6/17/2018 10:58:27 AM

I want to add chickens to my homestead. I have a garden with all the usual garden-type plants and vegetables, and I'm wondering if I should let my flock pasture in the garden for pest control and general foraging, or will they eat/destroy my plants?

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