How to Make a Labor Co-op Work for You

How to make a labor co-op work for you: The formation and operation of the Los Angeles, California based labor cooperative, Free SIG (Special Interest Group).

| November/December 1977

Make a labor co-op work for you from the example given by the California based labor cooperative, Free SIG.

Bert Lance's financial difficulties may have been plastered all over the newspapers . . . but that doesn't make them any more important, on an individual basis, than the dollar squeeze most of us "ordinary" folks now increasingly find ourselves in.

You know what I'm talking about: How, despite your best budgeting efforts, an unexpected shot for the family pet or an absolutely essential repair on the ole bike always seems to keep you dipping into next month's rent money.

Well, believe it or not, I've discovered a way to take care of most of those little budget bleeders for free (or mighty close to it). And you can too. All it takes is a little energy and a little commitment. Learn how to make a labor co-op work for you.

Free SIG is the Answer

I belong to a Los Angeles, California-based labor cooperative called Free SIG. ("SIG" stands for Special Interest Group. The organization was first set up as an affiliate of the Mensa Society, and then opened to the public.) If my experience is any indication, a cooperative like ours can be just the "secret weapon" you need to make each month run out before your money does . . . instead of the other way 'round.

Free SIG was created by guitar player and teacher Richard Johnson a little over a year ago. It was certainly the right idea at the right time, though, because — during its first 12 months — the co-op blossomed from merely a "damned good idea" into a tight organization of 100 members offering each other 150 no-cost services.

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