How to Grow Grass for Profit

Learn how Peggy McCusker and her husband profit from having a sod farm and tips on the the best ways to grow grass.

| March/April 1977


Make sure to wet your grass the night before cutting the sod and rolling the pads of grass into a "jelly roll." This allows the sod to come up easier. 


Our cash crop — grass — really and truly does pay us over $6,000 an acre. And this isn't that expensive illegal "grass" that you smoke, either. It's plain old ordinary sod. The kind a great number of golf courses, nurseries, landscape contractors, and private parties are always eager to buy.


Growing and Selling Sod

Growing and selling sod is like any other business: The people who take enough pains to do it right have the least trouble marketing their product for a premium price.

We plow and run a disc over our acre in the fall and work In a liberal seasoning of manure. Then we let the weeds die and the dirt settle during the winter.

The following spring we rake out all the clods, sticks, and rocks and hand-level the patch of earth just as evenly as we possibly can (this makes cutting the sod much easier later on).

Plant the Best Grass Seed

You can seed your plot of land any time from early spring through late fall ... but seeds planted during hot weather generally do poorly, and you're taking a chance on "freezing out" your grass if you plant It after the first of October.

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