MOTHER's Bi-Monthly Almanac: How to Care for Poinsettias, a Hanging Vase and Homemade Sled

MOTHER's Bi-Monthly Almanac shares tips on how to care for poinsettias, hanging vases and building a homemade sled.

| January/February 1978

MOTHER's Bi-Monthly Almanac helps you learn how to care for poinsettias, hang vases and build a homemade sled.

Efficient Pouring of Paint Thinner

It's hard to estimate the quarts of paint thinner and other liquids that are spilled in this country every year . . . merely because not one person in ten knows the simple trick of "starting" those flat, gallon cans with the off — center, screw-on lids.

The secret is to hold the container's opening UP as you pour off the first quarter or so of the can's contents. This allows air to enter as the fluid comes out . . . thereby eliminating all the messy glugging" and dribbling.

A Homemade Mousetrap

No matter how many mousetraps you keep around the house, there's always a time when you could use at least one more of the devices . . . especially during the months when the little rodents come indoors to escape the cold. So here's yet another means for protecting your pantry.

Merely take an old dinner plate, a bowl (about a one-quart size), and a thimble filled with toasted cheese, peanut butter, or any other mice-enticing goodie. Arrange the equipment as shown in the drawing, balancing the bowl on the thimble.

When the critter nibbles on the cheese, the bowl will fall and make him a prisoner. You can then drop the whole shebang in a pail of water (or otherwise dispose of your unwanted visitor as you see fit).

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