How Hi Def Could Save the World

| 1/10/2012 4:08:17 PM

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No really, I love television! And I watch a lot of it. Well at least at this time of the year I do. Sorry to burst the burst the bubble for those of you who have this dreamy little image of homesteaders who spend their candle-lit evenings huddled by the fire, hand-making guitars which they then strum while they grow a beard. Not here. Oh I have a guitar, but it was made by some other Canadian. And while our woodstove is definitely one of the main attractions in the living room of our century-old farmhouse, so is our TV. And I love watching it.

I meet so many people who dismiss TV. They say it’s for morons and philistines. They just don’t have any time to watch it. For much of the year I might agree with them. But at this time of year when it gets dark by 5 o’clock there’s not much I can do outside. And if I try to sit and read in the evenings, I’m nodding off by about 7:30. But heck, I can stay up all night watching TV! It’s like a free stay awake drug! It should come with addiction warnings.

I bought a new TV at last year’s Boxing Day clearance sales for a great price. It’s a 32” Sony HD and while it was certainly better than the 28-year-old 14” TV that it replaced, I had a feeling that I still wasn’t getting the whole HD effect. Then I noticed that there were a few channels that weren’t coming in at all and when I called our service provider they blamed my old receiver. So last month I ordered a new high-definition receiver and when I got it hooked up it was like Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus began playing in my head because I couldn’t believe how much the quality of the picture improved. Now I know why TV people wear so much makeup, because it’s like their face is right there in my living room. And those news clips with people who aren’t wearing any makeup can be downright scary!

I’ve watched some football games and it’s like I’m right down on the field in the huddle! “Hey Polamalu, get a haircut!” See how brave I am when Troy is just on TV!

We are also now able to watch A&E, which has no shortage of shows about hoarders. In fact, a bunch of networks have shows about hoarders! Holy crap, who knew there were so many hoarders? And frankly, I’d rather not be seeing the dead cats and cockroaches and rats in High Def. I spend a lot of time with my hand hiding my eyes to avoid this stuff.

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