Honey Harvest, Part Two - Extracting Liquid Gold

| 8/13/2013 9:20:00 AM

Tags: honey, beekeeping, Jennifer Ford, New York,

Once we have our honey supers in the honey house (see Honey Harvest, Part One), it’s time to extract that golden delicious honey!

First things first— wherever you extract your honey needs to be bee-proof! Honeybees hone in on the smell of honey surprisingly quickly, and if it isn’t bee-proof you will soon find yourself and your equipment covered in hungry bees! It is also helpful to have access to warm water, and to work on a surface that can be easily cleaned. Extracting right in our kitchen works well for us! It also helps to have the area where you will be working set up with all of the necessary equipment ahead of time. Some of the items we use are an uncapping tool, uncapping tank, extractor, filter, honey buckets and bottles.

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