Maple Field Milk: I'm Back

| 10/9/2013 10:49:00 AM

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fresh milkWell it looks like I took September off.  Well I did.  I left writing to one side and became a full time dairy worker.  I became completely consumed with the incredibly rigorous world of pasteurizers and bottlers and labels and frantic pump changes and the whirr and the distraction of fresh milk production.  It is now week six of this - this almost vertical curve of learning (nothing to a surfer like Geof) but to a herdsman it is all consuming.  Also I have discovered K.T. Tunstall and she plays on Bail FM almost continuously (where have I been?).

My friends and directors of Maple Field Milk, Roy and Monica took the fresh cream from the processing plant and made into fabulous creamy butter all by their selves all with their own super-intelligence and craft; all within our own village. 

I took a few hours off and took a van load of fresh milk to Hale Market near us in the New Forest and was welcomed like a trader from a foreign land with our ‘local’ milk (we are the only processors of milk in the county of Hampshire) - the van soon emptied and a change was definitely in the autumn air. People are insisting on food that is from close contact with the farmer.

Our fresh milk is milked on Whitey Top Farm, Pentridge in unspeakably beautiful territory ,balanced on a chalky hillside at 7’ish in the morning probably by Hannah the chief herds person or maybe Julie or Oliver (but he’s away up London learning to be a vet) - I collect it .We chat. They help. We are part of the same organization bent on bringing fresh milk direct to our people. We combine as farmer/processors .We are so obviously co-dependent. What could be better?

That milk is on your fridge shelf by 8am the next morning cooled down to 3 degrees centigrade. No one can touch us for freshness.24 hours old. Non-homogenized and maxed out with nutrients.

I have in my absence, re-read ‘The Farming Ladder’ by George Henderson (1944) and I want to know why it was not compulsory reading in 1973 when I was at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester?

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