How I Was Almost Cast on a Homesteading TV Show

| 2/25/2016 9:42:00 AM

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My homestead's brief venture into the world of reality TV production began with a simple casting email and entailed hours of creating home videos, several 6am Skype interview sessions, and ultimately ended with rejection from the Discovery Channel.

In case you read too fast, The Discovery Channel (not to mention countless British casting agents) have seen my historic Appalachian homestead, heard Ian and me talk about what we love about it, and then formed an opinion about what they saw. The fact that they turned us down is less important than the fact that they found us worth looking into- this experience alone is already far more exposure to the world of TV than I ever expected from my life.

My summary of the experience? Pretty dang bemusing.

Called alternatively “Homestead Living”, “Homestead Rescue” and “Off Grid Living”, this TV show is explained as a home improvement show with a simple-living twist: Recruiters were looking for eight households around the country with people that were beginning to live a homestead or off grid lifestyle and were becoming overwhelmed with the experience and needed some expert help.

Each episode of the show would feature a homestead being visited by “homestead experts” that would give the struggling family advice and help them to make some necessary changes and improvements that would make them better able to succeed with their new lifestyle. Improvements could be anything from installing solar panels to building better fences, and it would be paid for by the show. If you could deal with the publicity, this show had the potential to be a fantastic opportunity for homesteaders.

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