MOTHER's Bi-Monthly 1977 Almanac: Spring Homesteading Tips

Learn about star constellation facts, how to keep flowers fresh for springtime flower arrangements, home painting tips, the first step in starting a spring garden, how to make a ring toss game and wild mushroom hunting tips.

| March/April 1977


A star chart, from March and April in 1977, which can be used to help learn plotted constellations in the nighttime sky.


This may be the first generation to set foot on the moon and shoot rocket probes into the reaches of outer space. But, man for man and woman for woman, great granddad and great grandmother — or, for that matter, almost any primitive tribe of almost any past age — knew a lot more about identifying the stars and planets in the night sky than most of us currently do.

And so, with the help of Guy Ottewell (author of Astronomical Physics), MOTHER is going to try to change all that.

In the year 1977 issues of MOTHER EARTH NEWS the foldouts are printed in the form of an old-time almanac and star chart. Save the series. Practice with it. And, if you're a typical child of our modern TV-dominated society, you should know one heck of a lot more about the identification of heavenly bodies by the end of 1977 than you know right now.


1 Venus is as bright as it will be in 1977.

3 The moon appears just south of Saturn. (Note that this is a common event since the moon actually moves by each of the planets once in a 27-1/3-day cycle ... but its passing is often a beautiful sight and a good subject to photograph.)

11 The sun enters Pisces.

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