Homesteading Tips: Reducing Holiday Commercialism, Nursery Advice and Hatching Duck Eggs

MOTHER shares readers' homesteading tips to live by, including ways to reduce holiday commercialism, nursery business advice and how to hatch duck eggs.

| April/May 2003

Readers' share helpful homesteading tips to live by.

Gifts for more than a day.

Thanks for the focus on "Reaching for the Real Joy" (December/January 2003). Here are three ways we cut down on commercialized clutter during the holiday season:

1. Violin lessons for Chanukah gift: eight lessons — one for each night. After two months we'll see whether my daughter's enthusiasm has blossomed or flagged, and take it from there. My parents are classical music fanatics, so they loved fulfilling this wish for their granddaughter.

2. A live rabbit and all the props. On each night of Chanukah, our daughter will receive one thing she needs to properly care for her new pet — a water bottle one night, a bundle of hay the next, food, a rabbit comb, etc. The gifts will build in significance to the hutch on night seven, and on the eighth night, the bunny herself.

This approach — devised jointly by my daughter and me — has really piqued her interest in caring for the rabbit. (Wish us luck pulling it all off.)

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