Homesteader's Dilemma: "Don't Have Time"

| 3/28/2017 2:00:00 PM

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two lambs

I hear the phone double ring.  That means someone is paging from another building on the farm.  This time of year it usually means that Kara is paging from the barn.  And that usually means that another ewe is about to give birth—or has already started well into the process, with the first lamb presenting.  Ready the towels, the crew may be up all night…again.

It comes every year.  Most folks are happy to see spring, and I am too…most of the time.  That is, when I have time to think about it.  Most of spring I don’t have time for much of anything outside of the demands of the season.  Relaxing, laid-back, and springtime just don’t end up in the same sentence around here…ever.

Time.  It’s our most valuable commodity.  Time and attention.  Spring can be tough that way.  Just when you’ve really gotten to stretch out into winter, to find that still, quiet space inside (away from the frenzied noise of the high season of summer), then spring comes knocking on the door.

Taxes, lambing…did you order the seeds?  Did you send in the water sample?  Did you book the Summer Music Series yet?  Did you get the high tunnel planted yet?  Did you clean out the chicken coop again?  Did you pay the bills—and how are you going to pay the bills with the tiny trickle that comes in the door this time of year?

Spring is incessantly demanding, like a baby.  It can’t do it on its own—you have to be all-in, all-available, up all night lambing or hatching chicks.  Up to your elbows in mud in the garden, planting peas in soil still so cold the bones in your hands ache for hours afterwards.

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