Homestead Farm Tips and Advice

MOTHER EARTH NEWS shares some handy homestead farm tips and advice.

| September/October 1975

MOTHER EARTH NEWS shares some helpful homestead farm tips for their readers:

  • Fasten an old implement wheel to the swinging end of your heaviest gate and even junior or sis will be able to open and close the blamed thing easily.
  • Nests for poultry can be removed for cleaning in a jiffy if they're fastened to the henhouse wall with storm window sash hangers (spaced the same distance apart so the nests will be interchangeable).
  • To remove old wallpaper quickly, soak it thoroughly with a solution of warm water and sal soda (which can be applied easily with a fly sprayer). After the fluid has soaked in, the paper will pool off readily. Extra sticky spots can be taken off with a broad putty knife.
  • If you accidentally crack one end of an egg that you intend to boil, crack the other end too. Then you'll be able to cook the egg as planned without having the contents run out of the shell.
  • Add a little bluing to the soapy water the next time you wash your cut glass ... and the cleaned pieces will "knock granddad's eye out" at Sunday dinner.

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