Homestead Dairy Management

Judy Hinds explains how to manage a homestead dairy operation, including dairy equipment, dairy routines, weekly flow chart, dairy form tracking production, and a recipe for homemade ice cream.

| July/August 1975


Weekly dairy management flow chart for products and homestead foods.


Maplevale Organic Farm in Cross Creek, New Brunswick is the home of Hal, and Judy Hinds and a training center for the techniques of rural self-sufficiency. (A letter to the Maplevale folks will bring you information on their Earth skills Workshop summer program.) Hal and Judy also find time to put out a fine little quarterly newsletter called Northwind, from which the following article is taken. Subscriptions are available at $3.00 a year from Maplevale Organic Farm, New Brunswick, Canada. 

The following material originally appeared in Northwind, Vol. III, No. 4, copyright by Hal and Judy Hinds, and is reprinted by permission of the editors. 

A single Jersey cow can provide an astonishing abundance of milk and milk–based products over a week's time. At the start of our one animal dairy venture, we sold some of the milk if we seemed to have an excess. Since late May of 1974, however, we've used it all ourselves by adjusting the supply to the needs of our ever expanding and contracting family and converting any surplus into various kinds of cheese.

In a given week Chloe, our cow, provides us with about 25 to 28 gallons of milk which we turn into the following homestead dairy products:

[1] 10 to 14 gallons of skimmed, but still quite creamy, milk for drinking
[2] 3 to 4 pounds of butter
[3] 4 pounds of cottage cheese
[4] 4 pounds of semi-hard cheese
[5] 1-1 /2 gallons of ice cream
[6] 1 quart of sour cream
[7] 1 quart of very thick whipping cream
[8] As much cream as we wish for table use
[9] Plenty of buttermilk for drinking or cooking
[10] All the whey we can use for cooking (plus generous amounts that serve as valuable food for the pig and the poultry)

Management of the home dairy to produce such a wide variety of items requires the gathering of some equipment and the establishment of a few definite routines.

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