Homemade Travel Pillows

This traveler turned an old pair of slacks into unique homemade travel pillows.

| December 2003/January 2004

My husband and I went to California on an Amtrak train in 1990, and we didn't get any of those little pillows they usually give to passengers. I thought, "I won't be without a pillow on my next Amtrak trip." And I wasn't.

I made pillows for my husband and myself, using a pair of 10-year-old slacks. I pride myself on never throwing anything away before thinking of a use other than its original purpose.

I cut a portion off each leg for the pillow part and a strip above that for the handles. This made two pillows, which I stuffed with polyester fiberfill. We used them on our next Amtrak trip and they were wonderful! Everyone along the way and at our destination thought so, too.

The pillows are easy to make and are great gifts for folks who travel a lot. They are made of beautiful colors and varying widths, depending on the slacks. Polyester makes a lovely material for the pillows because it is so stretchy. The filling can be as plump or as flat as you like.

I sell the patterns so others can enjoy making them, too. It's such a great satisfaction to have designed something so simple yet so useful.

Frances D. Goode
Blakesburg, Iowa 

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