Homemade Liquid Soap

You can make your own liquid soap using scraps from your favorite bar soap.

| August/September 2003

Love liquid soap but hate paying the exorbitant prices? Or maybe you can't stand the perfumes they use? Make your own using scrap from your favorite soap.

Just save a few pump dispensers from shampoo or hand lotion. At the same time, save the scrap of soap left after you use a bar. When you have enough saved, put the soap scrap into a clean, glass jar or bowl, and add boiling water to cover. Let this sit until it has cooled. Then stir it with a fork, mashing the lumps. Add an inch or so of boiling water, stir well and let cool. When you stir, it should be reasonably smooth but a little stringy. Add water and stir until it is the right consistency, then fill your bottles. Leave some space in case you want to add more water: It sets up a little in the bottle.

Anderson, South Carolina 

3/1/2011 4:04:06 AM

Hi Jeanette, You're right: liquid soap is so easy to use and so convenient! However the "scraps of soap" method is slow as you need to have enough left-overs to be able to make some liquid soap. In addition, if you are using commercially produced bar soaps, you can be exposed to the risks of this type of products (http://homemadesoapstore.com/risks-with-commercially-produced-soaps). Why not make yourself your own homemade liquid soap? It's easy! It's fun! It's cheap! And it's healthy! You can create all sorts of liquid hand soaps and body washes with natural products you choose. It's also a fantastic way of making personal gifts to your relatives and friends. Provide your personal homemade liquid soap to your family and be reassured that they are absolutely safe with your product. In addition you will be able to choose all different liquid soap dispensers for all different locations and purposes. The method of liquid soap making is really easy. Visit this site to get to know the secrets of the Liquid Soap Making Technique (http://homemadesoapstore.com/liquid-soap-making-technique) ..., and enjoy the pleasure and excitement of making your own homemade liquid soap!

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