How to Make Homemade Firestarters

Phyllis Adolph shares with readers how to make homemade firestarters from melted candles.

| June/July 2002

Melted candles make perfect homemade firestarters

Melted candles make perfect homemade firestarters.


Learn how worn down candles make the perfect homemade firestarters.

All year long I pick up attractive baskets at garage sales and turn them into interesting and appreciated gifts for birthdays and holidays. One of my favorite ideas is making homemade "firestarters." There are two ways to do this.

•Melt wax (old candle stubs work well) in a coffee can sitting in a pan of simmering water. Use care as wax is very flammable. Add several crayon stubs for color and a few drops of flavoring oil if you want scented firestarters. Dip pine cones into the wax mixture and roll them around to completely coat the cone. Drain on a rack over wax paper (drippings can be peeled off and reused). When cool and wax is hardened, place cones in a basket and add a colorful ribbon bow to the handle.

•Or, pour melted wax over sawdust in paper egg cartons or muffins tins lined with cupcake papers. These may be colored and scented, also, if desired.

—Phyllis Adolph
Roundup, Montana

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