A Homemade Cold Remedy, Affordable Camping, Better Early Tomatoes and More Country Lore

Learn DIY mirror repair tips, how to make homemade bouillon cubes and how to put together a family bank for groceries.

| February/March 1992

Build a Better Baffle

Because we live up on a cold, windy hill in the country, we found that we needed some kind of windbreak baffle in our ventilation windows — something to break the force of the air coming into the house on chilly nights while we slept. Finding nothing on the market like this for comfortable sleep ventilation, we went to our bedroom and measured the inside width of the lower part of the window just inside the screen.

Using this same window width minus 1 ½ inches for length, we sawed out a piece of thin, 1/8-inch panel board 8 inches wide. Then we divided this panel into four equal parts and marked three right-angle lines across it in pencil at the division points.

By boring four equally spaced ¾ -inch holes on these three lines, we had a windbreak baffle ventilator that admitted air even when the window is barely cracked open.

We also made one of these same baffles for the window in our adjoining room. When that window is left open at night, along with the bedroom and adjoining-room doors, we get plenty of circulating fresh air for good, healthy, night-sleeping ventilation.

—George and Alice Lynch
Asheville, North Carolina

Mirror Repair

Scraps of contact paper can be used to save old mirrors, which tend to lose their silvering on the back (and thus their reflective quality), especially around the edges. Cut strips of contact paper into a nice border or design and press onto the damaged areas of the mirror. The light adhesive backing holds it in place with no fuss, and the plastic-coated paper can be cleaned with the rest of the mirror.

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